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Posted 12/27/2023 by Quarter2one Design Studio

Camila Farley

Camila Farley

Camila, give our readers a brief intro about what you do.

We specialize in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces. We work with our clients to create unique spaces that works with their life style or if commercial with their brand and values. We design concepts, select furniture, colors, and decor, and manage the overall layout to achieve a desired atmosphere or style for homes, offices, or other environments.

We also design and build custom furniture for clients that are interested in having an unique pieces.

Readers would love to hear how you got started / how you got to where you are today.

Growing up I always had a paper and a pencil. Since very young I like drawing. From fashion to human bodies, and random things. I also like to play with Legos. My brothers and I would spend hours and hours building houses, coincidentally.

But only later in life I started exploring this creative part of me. It wasn’t until I moved to Silicon Valley and immersed myself into the startup world. I decided to study design and got my second degree. I started designing office spaces and since then I have been creating unique residential and commercial interiors as well as custom furniture

What have been your biggest challenge(s) so far?

Becoming a mother and trying to balance family and work. Also, finding the right people to help me with the business side while you I could focus on the design aspect.

What you’re most proud of / what readers should know about your work / what sets you apart from others.

I love creating unique designs catered to each of my clients. I am involved in every design we create. We function as a design boutique working with maximum of 6 clients at a time. We provide a service and we care about quality. We hold your hands trough the entire process since the design concept to final product. We have positive attitude to figure out a solutions for problems that happens during the construction time. We collaborate with contractors, builders and architects to keep on single communication report.

What does success mean to you / what gives you most gratitude?

Success means to have clients that appreciate design and admire your work.

Understanding the furniture pieces we create are a piece of art that we give functionality to it.

It gives me great joy when we finish a project and our clients are supper happy with the final product.

How do you envision the next 5-10 years?

I like to keep the business functioning as a design boutique. We started designing and building furniture using local vendors. As now, we are designing mostly, tables, benches, entertainment centers but I see us design upholstery in the future.

What do you think is most unique about the city/population of Boca Raton and working with this community?

People appreciate design. Working with this community involve catering to sophisticated tastes and a focus on creating elegant and unique high-end designs that align with the city's upscale character and lifestyle.

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