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Posted 01/18/2024 by Northwestern Mutual

Duane Merchant

Duane Merchant

Duane, give our readers a brief intro about what you do and how you got started: 

Financial Planning starts with income protection. Having the right amount, and type of life and disability insurance is the foundation of any sound financial plan.

What have been your biggest challenge(s) so far?

I think it's awareness. You are much more likely to be disabled and not be able to work than have a premature death before age 65.

What you’re most proud of / what readers should know about your work / what sets you apart from others.

The planning that we have been doing at Northwestern Mutual incorporating whole life and annuities into your long-term wealth accumulation plan is nothing new for us, but recently, there’s been a lot of third-party research validating that planning strategy.

What does success mean to you / what gives you most gratitude?

Helping people reach their goals is great, but I think what gives me the most gratitude is helping people get on that path and realize that their goals can be achievable with a plan.

What do you think is most unique about the city/population of Boca Raton and working with this community?

Boca Raton is unique because of its diverse culture. It seems like everybody is from somewhere else. It’s it’s exciting learning about different cultures. But the one thing I’ve learned is that the most important thing to every culture is family and protecting that family gives me great joy.

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