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Posted 01/19/2024 by Medicare Sharks

Mangini Family

Mangini Family

Manginis, give our readers a brief intro about what you do.

Medicare Sharks is an Award-winning Elite Family-Owned Licensed Insurance Brokerage specializing in Medicare and under-65 Health Insurance. Medicare Sharks is nationally recognized as a nationwide top-production agency and has earned numerous accolades by top insurance carriers by writing over $5 million dollars in insurance premiums for the carriers. Medicare Sharks has over 25 years worth of combined experience within the agency and prides themselves on providing personalized lifetime client support for free! Medicare Sharks has built a strong reputation by providing accurate up-to-date expert advice and extensive product knowledge and compares options to help clients make informed decisions regarding Medicare and Health insurance plans. Every client is treated like family which helps to develop long-lasting trusting relationships which helps give them confidence when referring Medicare Sharks to their family/friends.


-Trusted unbiased advice from highly trained experts

-Specializing in Medicare Supplements (Medigap), Medicare Drug Plans, Advantage Plans & Under-65 Health Plans

-Compare Quotes from Top-rated Carriers Nationwide for free

-Personalized Lifetime Client Support for free


Before building the successful insurance agency, Nick Jr and his parents Rosemary and Nick Sr have all been teachers/coaches in the education system for children of all ages. Nick Jr was a baseball player, athletic director, coach and teacher for high school and middle school in New York and Delray Beach as his previous career. Nick had a friend who was starting his insurance business and he was introduced to the Medicare industry and quickly realized that there was a huge need for trustworthy honest insurance agents to help educate seniors on their Medicare options, so he jumped right in and began the journey as a Medicare agent. Within the first 4 months, Nick Jr became the rookie agent of the year by selling over $75,000 for United American (Globe Life) Medicare plans and at that point he knew he found his calling! Nick Jr has consistently been a top-producer and top-agency-owner every year and helps guide new agents to find their full potential as he builds and manages the family agency. Medicare Sharks takes the approach of "educating" the client on the insurance plans instead of "selling" the insurance plans. Nick has been recognized as one of the "Best of the Best" in the Medicare Supplement insurance industry.

Nick Jr is married to his beautiful wife, Bianca, who has been a senior corporate events manager working in New York City for 12 years prior to covid and she most recently got her insurance license to help with the family business. Using her extensive corporate events experience and creativity, Bianca has helped Medicare Sharks with local networking events at the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce and helped create digital/print marketing projects to promote the agency. Bianca is learning the sales-side of the business and looks to help add more clients to the business by attending local marketing events and building strategic partnerships with other businesses in the South Florida area.

Nick Jr introduced his mom (Rosemary) to the business after she retired from 40+ years as a director of an early-childhood school in New York City as well as managing other family businesses over the years. Rosemary already had experience when choosing a Medicare Supplement at 65 yrs old and quickly saw the need to help other seniors find the right plan for their needs and budget, especially after using her own personal experience as a helpful way to guide them. Rosemary quickly built up her personal production to become a top-producer every year and makes sure clients are properly educated on their options and serviced after the sale.

What you’re most proud of / what readers should know about your work / what sets you apart from others.

The Medicare insurance industry if full of unethical agents and shady call centers using high-pressure sales tactics to win clients and only care about their bottom-line. Unfortunately many seniors fall for the misleading deceptive advertising and will unknowingly signup for insurance plans that do not fit their needs. Medicare Sharks knew that they had to find a way to set themselves apart from the competition, but that was easy because Medicare Sharks is a family-owned and operated independent insurance brokerage providing trustworthy, honest, ethical, accurate advice about insurance plans. Medicare Sharks agents are nationally licensed and annually certified and trained to offer insurance plans for Medicare and under-65 health insurance. Medicare Sharks provides personalized lifetime client support and every client has direct access to their agent's phone/email so they build a relationship together. Medicare Sharks' goal is to build lifelong relationships with every client so they feel confident when referring their friends/family to Medicare Sharks.

How do you envision the next 5-10 years?

We envision Medicare Sharks to be a recognized household name as the only Medicare and Health insurance brokerage that people trust, both locally in South Florida and nationwide.  When people need help with their Medicare and Health insurance options, we want them to know that Medicare Sharks is the one and only brokerage they need to call!  As we see our brokerage continuously grow every year with hundreds of new clients, we will always stay true to our core values of providing information and advice that is trustworthy, honest, accurate, and professional, which all stems from being a family-owned and operated insurance brokerage that always keeps our clients' best interests in mind!  Whether it's 5 or 10 or 100 years, Medicare Sharks will always be the brokerage that seniors and families can trust to provide superior advice for their Medicare and Health insurance needs! 

What do you think is most unique about the city/population of Boca Raton and working with this community?

South Florida has always been the epicenter of seniors and retirees to live out their golden years and many of them have been moving down from the northeast for many years!  As our family has migrated from New York, we all have the same things in common with our fellow South Florida residents.  Let's face it, nobody loves talking about Medicare or Health insurance, but Medicare is a major decision in every Americans' life when they turn 65 and Medicare Sharks appreciates the opportunity to help every South Florida resident!  Since the pandemic, we all know that people (regardless of age) have flocked to South Florida because of so many reasons, so we not only handle Medicare but we expanded into the Under-65 Health Insurance market to be able to handle the influx of younger people moving to South Florida.  Living in South Florida offers an amazing lifestyle and we all want to experience it, however, we all have a common goal of staying healthy and that starts by having the proper Medicare and Health insurance to be able to cover your medical bills and see the best doctors in the area.  Usually the best doctors and facilities only want to accept the best coverage since they know it covers more, so therefore we advise clients to make sure they have the best coverage and best carrier for the best price!

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